Brought up with a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, then later a Border Collie, followed by a Rescue, I’ve had a dog at one time or another throughout my life.

Most of my siblings own dogs too and we continue to share troubles, strifes and successes between us.

When my sister and her family took their annual holiday a couple of years ago, I was asked to look after their very poorly Golden Retriever in their absence. He had been diagnosed with cancer of the throat. It was an honour to look after him.

I spent most of my time researching and learning what and how to feed him correctly – and – more importantly, what not to feed him.

He improved a little which was a great relief. However, soon after this improvement, he declined rapidly. It was a very traumatic and emotional greeting when my family arrived back at their home. I quickly explained what had happened and asked them to take him to the vets, which they did immediately. Sadly, we lost him. The vet explained that the cancer had affected his throat to the point that he couldn’t breathe properly and his lungs had filled with liquid.

On an upbeat note, I learned a lot about caring for a poorly dog.

I also decided to start this website, with the intention of making decisions easier for readers who are looking for the best products to purchase for their furry friends.

We research all products relating to dogs and puppies on the Amazon.co.uk platform and bestk9products.co.uk is an affiliate for Amazon.

We hope that you enjoy your time visiting the site.

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